1. Make a password and type it into the keygen password field
2. After the keygen makes your password hash, copy it securely to the other party. I recommend GPG
3. Enter in your message in the Cleartext textbox and click the Generate button below it
4. Send the encrypted text to the other party. It can be sent through any medium, secure or not
5. The other party can use the Decrypt function by entering in the key and the encrypted message to decode it
NOTE: This is a toy/demo. Do not type in any important text into this page, all requests are logged and your message could be read by the website owner. Unless you plan on sending the encrypted message to me, download the code and run it on your own computer.

Or grab the Python 3 program and run it yourself for actual security, and support for all UTF-8 characters!
You will need to grab the pyaes and pbkdf2 pip modules ("python3 -m pip install pyaes pbkdf2")