Welcome to Mallard!


Mallard - Debian 10 amd64
Pekin - Debian 9 i386 (Decommissioned)


ESXI on Dell r710 PowerEdge
CPU: 12 CPUs x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5649 @ 2.53GHz
Storage: 3.27 TB (Raid 5)


Gigabit Up/Down

Power Consumption

Average Power Consumption: >180W
Yearly Power Consumption*: 931.81kWh
Yearly Power Cost*: >$100
Yearly CO2 Emissions*: 823.47 lbs

* Based on data from 03/28/2019-03/28/2020 and 2018 EIA data

Local Radiation Level

Note, on 24MAR2023 around 16:15, the J305B was swapped with a more sensitive SBM-20 tube. I am working to get everything functioning again.

Radiation CPM Image

The data for this image is from a local geiger module that holds a J305B SBM-20 tube, connected to an ESP32. The data is fed into Python which generates the graph.
The last 24 hours are displayed.

Radiation CPH Image

Same data organized in CPH, with no data point limit.